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Edibles are marijuana-infused products that are consumed orally, versus smoking flower or concentrate. Some of the more common forms of edibles include baked goods (like brownies & cookies) and candy (like chocolate, gummies & lollipops), but can also be found in coffee, beef jerky, soda, etc. Eating an edible is different than smoking bud because it’s being digested versus inhaled, which often results in a more intense and elongated high. When consuming an edible, it’s always safe to go slow and feel the intended effects first before consuming more.


Satori Milk Chocolate Strawberries


Satori Chocolates are made with Cacao Fino de Aroma, one of the world’s most highly sought cacaos. This award-winning milk chocolate is sustainably cultivated and infused with rich, high-potency cannabis oil that’s been safely grown and processed. Each delicious box of lab-tested Wild Strawberries contains 140mg THC total, with each piece coated in organic milk chocolate and micro-dosed at a perfect 3mg THC each.