Crystals, Gems & Geodes


Mike's Stone Store for Stoners is open!  Everything from geodes you can crack yourself to carved Himalayan, African and far east jade and opal. Not to mention every crystal you can think of! Necklaces and beads, Small amethyst to huge amethyst like you see in the left hand corner, many on stands and tons of orbs that in the right light change the tone of any room. We also do custom rock orders -- if you want it, ask us!

If you are new to the crystal world, enjoy the ride. We've got big crystals, small crystals, rough crystals, cut crystals, crystal spheres, crystal hearts, crystal skulls, crystals for charging other crystals -- with all these choices the thing to do is to trust yourself. Trust that you know what crystal speaks to you.  And trust your connection with it.