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High Tides offers a wide range of products, including flowers, concentrates, vapor products, tinctures, edibles, topicals, plus covers many of your medicinal accessories such as papers, pipes, etc. Here's a list of what we are currently offering, though since our stock changes regularly, so be sure to call first if you are looking for a specific product.

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Mary Jones Sodas

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We've got Mary Jones Cannabis Co. Sparkling sodas.  With an iconic taste just like a classic Jones Soda, our specially crafted cannabis beverages are made to enjoy with friends. Fully carbonated with bold flavors that truly POP, you’ll notice the absence of any bitterness or cannabis aftertaste. Elevate your beverage game and savor the unique blend of flavor and relaxation with Mary Jones’ cannabis-infused soda.

We have, 10ml THC Orange & Cream in 12oz glass bottles and 100ml THC Root Beer and Orange & Cream in 16oz cans
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