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A concentrate is any type of cannabis product that is refined from flowers into a more purified and potent form. A concentrate can refer to any form of hash (pressed hash or water hash), kief, or hash oil (CO2, BHO, shatter, budder, wax etc). These more potent forms of cannabis have become extremely popular in medical and recreational communities.  Currently, none of our suppliers has completed the regulatory steps to be able to sell concentrates in our dispensary.  Hopefully, we will have some in stock again soon.

Caldera Roses Diamonds


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Roses has a fresh floral taste with an uplifting effect that’ll transport you to a galactic rose garden with a smile on your face. Roses Lava Diamonds is a Sativa Live Resin concentrate made from 100% sungrown cannabis using an ultra-cold extraction process with High Terpene Extraction (6.52%) and THC (76.02%). Lava Diamonds contains a precise 99% THCa crystalline formulation combined with a 50:50 ratio of high terpene and diverse cannabinoid sauce. The dominant terpenes are Terpinolene, Limonene, Ocimene, creating a complex terp profile for a full-spectrum, high Entourage Effect.

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