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A pre-roll is a joint or blunt of marijuana that was prepared before its intended time of consumption. These are great, to-go joints, and can come infused, rolled in keif, or plain. Pre-rolls prove to be helpful if you don't want to roll a joint yourself.

PLEASE NOTE, Our pre-roll selection changes frequently.  The list below shows our pre-roll "infused" selection, and not our frequently changing selection of pre-roll flowers. We get a new delivery every Thursday, so be sure to call or stop by the shop for updates.

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Loud Pack

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Loud Pack premium flower, pre-rolled, available in both single 1 gram and 5-packs of half gram pre-rolls. Our 1 gram pre-rolls are packed with enough premium Loudpack flower for a heavy solo sesh, or sharing with a friend. Our 5-pack comes with convenient .5G joints great for quick on-the-go sessions. 2.5G of our flower, pre-rolled, pocket-friendly and ready to go!

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